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  "Timothy Richards has triumphed. To hold one of his exquisite models in the palm of your hand is to grasp the very essence of architecture"

Lucinda Lambton, June '98, Broadcaster & writer

Timothy Richards is represented in Canada exclusively by Julia West Home.
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Timothy Richards' architectural models and bookends are unique and are at the forefront of this genre of work. Central to the theme is that of architectural truth. Only traditional materials are used - the body of each model being made in plaster with additional detail in etched brass, lead and sometimes stained glass and copper. All designs are well researched using a combination of original plans and detailed photographs. The range includes many general as well as limited edition pieces. The models are in a variety of styles and all feature specific buildings by known architects.
  Categories of Models
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  Canadian Content

A new collection of Canadiana- buildings that have touched us and are part of the fabric that is our history.
Single Bookends

Memorable and important houses and buildings rendered in a suitable size for use as bookends but capable of standing alone as objects to be admired. 
Split Pair of Bookends

Take a symmetrical facade of a classic and important building. Carefully split it to create a pair of bookends.
Matched Pair of Bookends

Architects love these- the orders of architecture as we never saw them in school.
Single Doorway Bookends

Doors are more than simple entries to buildings- they are the most difficult challenge for an architect and in miniature an expression of the entire structure. These single bookends are reproductions of some of the greatest doors that were ever passed through.
Single Models
Limited Editions

Rare. Wonderful. Sometimes obscure but always important buildings, pieces of buildings, architectural artifacts.
  Signed and Dated

There are some pieces that go beyond the ordinary (not to say that any of Timothy Richards work is ordinary. These have been produced in limited quantity and have been signed and dated by the artist.  
Commissioned Works

For corporate or fundraising, Timothy Richards models are treasured throughout the world.