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Single Bookends
 Jane Austin House  
 Reddish House  
 Rutland Square  
Charles Dickens House  
Sherlock Holms House (Baker Street)  
Matched Pair of Bookends  
Doric (First Order) Matched Pair  
Ionic(Second Order) Matched Pair  
Corinthian (Third Order) Matched Pair  
Doric/ Ionic Combo Mixed Pair  
Kensington Palace Gates Matched Pair  
Twin Towers of Wembley Matched Pair  
Split Pair of Bookends
Queen Anne House  
Mozart Theatre  
Le Palais Royal  
Somerset House  
Soane Stable Block ONE LEFT
Mackintosh Double Doors  
Oxford Camera  
Single Doorway Bookends
Mackintosh Doorway, Glasgow School of Art  
Jane Austen Doorway Bookend  
The Royal Academy of Arts, Picadilly  
Kensington Palace  
The Wallace Collection  
Langley Park  
The National Portrait Gallery  
10 Downing Street  
Hotel Central  
Victoria and Albert Museum  

Single Models
Oxford Camera  
Spencer House  
The Dorchester Hotel Foyer  
  Limited Editions  
New York Substation  
The Temple Bar  
Spencer House  
The Temple of the Four Winds  
  Signed and Dated Models  
West Library Tower, Glasgow School of Art  
North Front, Glasgow School of Art  
The Twin Towers of Wembley