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Limited Editions
Rare. Wonderful. Sometimes obscure but always important buildings, pieces of buildings, architectural artifacts.

 Note: Click on any image to see it enlarged.
New York Substation- Single Model- circa 1930
Limited edition of 300
It is the face and interface between the dark subways beneath venting steam rising into the street, and the soaring high glass walls of Manhattan above. Its vandalised mesh fence, rivets, welded inner door and "no active driveway" signs characterise the threat, excitement and electric pace of downtown New York. If Gotham City does exist it may be behind a portal such as this.
Signed, dated and limited to 300 pieces.
The Temple Bar- Single Model- 1672
Limited edition of 150
The Temple, Fleet Street, is at the centre of the legal community of England.. (Prior to this the courts travelled with the King and had no base.) This bridged boundary gate was built to divide the old walled City of London from the land outside which belonged to the King. It was locked every night and until the 18th century the heads of criminals were displayed on spikes above the roof. This model is detailed on all sides and is the only model apart from the Temple of the Four Winds to be so completed. Features of the Temple Bar model include the lead figures of King Charles I and II, Queen Caroline and James I, the Royal lions, unicorns and the city griffins.

This limited edition of 150 models was commissioned by the Inns of Court of America in 1997. All pieces are signed, dated, numbered and certificated.
Spencer House- Single Model
Limited edition of 300
Spencer House was built for John, first Earl Spencer, an ancestor of Diana, Princess of Wales. This magnificent town house remains one of the best-kept secrets of London. It is a short distance from St James Palace and Buckingham Palace and overlooks Green Park - once the hunting ground of Henry VIII. The house is the first example in London of the application of Greek detail making it an early example of neo-classical architecture.

This model is also available as a general edition. The key differences between the general and the limited editions are as follows:

The limited edition is signed, numbered and dated.
The balustrading on the limited edition is pierced through and the roof is detailed with lead flashing work.
The end wall on the left (which can just be seen in this photograph) is present whereas the end detail is absent in the general edition.
The terrace platform is longer on the limited model and the plinth is larger overall.
The packaging is also different and each Spencer Limited Edition comes with a signed certificate from the occupant, Lord Rothschild, who commissioned the model from Timothy Richards.
The Temple of the Four Winds- Single Model- 1728
Limited edition of 50
This small Temple was built east of the 17th century baroque house of Castle Howard in Yorkshire. It is situated on a promontory of high ground and looks across a wooded valley to a lake below, forming a perfect landscape setting for one of the finest Palladium buildings of Europe. In 1995 the Honourable Simon and Mrs. Howard commissioned this model from Timothy Richards. Each model is accompanied by a signed certificate from the Honourable Simon Howard who is the direct descendent of Charles Howard, 3rd Earl of Carlisle who commissioned the original temple in 1724 from the architect Sir John Vanbrugh. At the start of Sir John Vanbrugh’s career he designed the large house at Castle Howard and during his final years he was involved in the design of this temple.

This magnificent model is in the round. The model is constructed of over 100 pieces. A number of these details are cast in lead. These include the statuary urns and the four roof finials as well as the top cupola roof. The dome is layered up by hand using lead sheet as in the original. All lead is patinated with acid, chemically ageing the material in a similar way to that of the natural weathering process. Each model has a hand engraved brass plate numbered and cut individually.

The worldwide edition is of 50 pieces of which 18 have been sold. These are signed, numbered and dated. Ideally this piece should be positioned where it can be viewed from all sides. A hole has been cut through the plinth and the base of the model allowing light to be projected into its centre from below when placed on a glass top surface. This adds a further dimension to the ways in which it may be displayed. Models are made to order. Diameter of base plinth is 20".