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  Spencer House was built for John, first Earl Spencer, an ancestor of Diana, Princess of Wales. This magnificent town house remains one of the best-kept secrets of London. It is a short distance from St James Palace and Buckingham Palace and overlooks Green Park - once the hunting ground of Henry VIII. The house is the first example in London of the application of Greek detail making it an early example of neo-classical architecture.

This model is also available as a general edition. The key differences between the general and the limited editions are as follows:

The limited edition is signed, numbered and dated.
The balustrading on the limited edition is pierced through and the roof is detailed with lead flashing work.
The end wall on the left (which can just be seen in this photograph) is present whereas the end detail is absent in the general edition.
The terrace platform is longer on the limited model and the plinth is larger overall.
The packaging is also different and each Spencer Limited comes with a signed certificate from the occupant Lord Rothschild who commissioned the model from Timothy Richards.