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These gates are at the front of Kensington Palace and show the lion and unicorn of the Royal Coat of Arms. The lion has been associated with the Royal Family since the crusades. He represents honour, power and bravery. The unicorn was added to the Coat of Arms in 1603 when King James I of Scotland was crowned of England. The Scottish unicorn was then placed alongside that of the English lion, the unicorn with golden hooves, horn and main is an equal match for the lion, a beast that could never be tamed and whose proud spirit could only be bent to serve the Scottish King. The gate detail for these bookends is cast in lead, and plated in silver and 18 carat gold. The two hallmarks of the split temple and HRP are placed alongside one another on the base. HRP denotes that the bookends were commissioned directly the Historic Royal Palaces Group, responsible for five of the royal palaces.