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Small, elegant, affordable pieces that are among our most popular.

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Jane Austen House

Edgar buildings is typical of the Palladian Italian style houses synonymous with Bath. Jane Austen wrote much of Bath and into this house placed the fictitious family of Thorpes. Christina Thorpe would admire the men as they passed beneath the window as mentioned in Jane Austen’s novel Northanger Abbey. A small, popular, affordable bookend.
Reddish House, Wiltshire

Reddish House resembles Thorpe House in that it is of brick and contains the same pleasing proportion and similar roof shape. Built by a local builder, it shows how design filtered out from the cities, slowly re-emerging in local forms. This village house was the home of Sir Cecil Beaton, 1904 – 1980. For many years he was both a royal photographer and theatrical designer of great distinction. Reddish House is close to the medieval cathedral city of Salisbury, a chalk landscape of rolling hills.
Rutland Square, Edinburgh

This Scots style classic terrace was typical of many new town houses built in Edinburgh during the 1860’s. More restrained and austere than its southern cousins it nevertheless is very handsome with its cast iron balcony and column door posts. A small model of character when light is cast across the face the balcony fretwork casts shadows across the façade.