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Single Models

Note: Click on any image to see it enlarged.
Oxford Camera, 1748
The great university city of Oxford is one of the most beautiful of all European cities. Its many colleges form a skyline of domes, towers and spires. At its centre is the octagonal library known as The Radcliffe or Oxford Camera. Oxford has educated many of history’s great men and women in a tradition of learning that stems back to the 13th century. This bookend/model differs from the split Oxford by the addition of lead urns on the buttressed upper drum.
Spencer House

The fashionable 18th century villa of Spencer House was built to entertain and show off the wealth of the Spencer family. The State Rooms on the second floor lead through to the magnificent Palm Room. The Palm Room Pillar bookends were made from a detail of this room, a French interior of gold and gilt with architecture more akin to Versailles. The general edition has the same fineness of detail as the limited. To see the differences between these editions please refer to the Limited Edition description.
The Dorchester Foyer, 1931

The Dorchester, Park Lane, London, is one of the world's greatest and most luxurious hotels. Built on the site of the old American Embassy in 1931, this model celebrates the front foyer from the inside, a view familiar to all who stay there. The brass and glass Deco clock shows the time of 12.03. This differentiates it from the first edition, commissioned by the Hotel for the Millennium 2000 celebrations, where the clock was set at midnight. Other details on the model include door cases lined in patinated copper, the doors themselves being made of lead with gold plated kick plates.